Resources for Sellers

Step 1: Proactive Collaboration

I have a consultative project management approach to real estate. I will often meet with my clients early in the process to understand their requirements and goals. Then I will work collaboratively with them to create a strategy and plan to accomplish that client’s unique goals. My experience with buyers in the field and the classroom allows me to stay current with today’s home buyers and I am able to provide the home buyer’s perspective to my home sellers.

Step 2: Pre-Inspection

In any market, having the home pre-inspected makes a strong statement to buyers and it is a strategy I recommend for sellers. If items come up on the inspection report that need to be addressed before the home goes on the market, I have relationships with good contractors.

Step 3: Market PricingmarketPricing

Although most agents will complete a CMA to determine the market value of a property, this is where my research begins. I analyze market activity within a quarter to half mile of your home to determine not only the current competition, but also if there are new construction homes that will be ready when it is time to go on the market. I determine if your listing will be concurrent with a buyers or sellers market – not just in terms of price, but also area, style of home and amenities. I source Trendgraphix, assessed values, and even an appraisal if necessary, as a backup to my research. Once all research has been analyzed, we will have a target market price range for the property.

Step 4: Photography

photographyProfessional photography is essential to showcase your home to its fullest potential. Due to the number of buyers who use the internet as a home search tool (92% according to the National Association of REALTORS®), I use a professional photographer who produces high-impact property photos.

Step 5: Online Marketing

With most potential buyers scouring the web for homes, online marketing of your home is critical. Chances are that the buyer for your home will view it online before they ever decide to take a live tour. Once again, we will rely on the high-quality photographs of your home to help convey its desirability.
Your home will be featured on the Multiple Listing Service, RE/MAX website, and my personal website at Through syndication, I am able to distribute a strong message for your home on dozens of highly ranked websites which buyers utilize during their home search including, Zillow, and Trulia. Additionally, with my technical background, I know several tricks to make your house a Hot Property on several popular sites to create even more exposure.

Step 6: Print Marketing

Although online marketing is great, buyers also expect to learn about homes through good old-fashioned options. I create a custom house flyer for every property I list which contains the high-end photography, description, and spotlights your home’s special features.

Step 7: Reverse Prospecting

This strategy is not one utilized by many agents, yet it is one of the best ways to get in front of the target market for your property. When I put a listing in the MLS, I enter information which may be just what a buyer is looking for. I am able to email the agent who is representing those buyers directly. I invite them to open houses and keep them apprised of any activity.

Step 8: Open Houses

I believe that open houses are a great way to drive more buyers to properties that are a good match for an open house campaign. As mentioned above, I use reverse prospecting to get the word out about open houses to potential buyers and I also utilize aggressive internet marketing to advertise my open houses. Combining an open house campaign with information about your listing can be a great way to drive potential buyers to view your home online.

Step 9: Custom Communication

I provide a weekly update to look at market shifts, live and online listing traffic to determine how we need to adjust our strategy until your home is sold.

Preparing Your Home

Preparation is the key to selling your home quickly and at market price. Preparation can take as little as a weekend or as long as a few months.

Although we will go through your home together to create a custom list of items you may want to address before listing in order to get top dollar, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Give home a thorough cleaning
  • Oil door hinges, tighten door knobs
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned, or replaced if damaged
  • Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs and clean all light fixtures
  • Repair defective light switches
  • Get rid of clutter both inside and out
  • Cut and edge grass
  • Trim hedges and weed gardens
  • Paint, fix or wash railings, steps, storm windows, screens and doors
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Wash the windows
  • Tidy up the garage
  • Paint, wash and fix garage doors and windows
  • Touch up all interior paint